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More Customers = Better Brand Awareness

Sell Across Many Stores

We recommend your product under different stores after purchase made to promote your business
  • Integrate our API
  • Connect to Growmify Marketplace
  • Accept payments Via Stripe
  • Grow your brand

Your Store Across Our Network

We are growth channel that promotes you in relevant store's recommended products section
Your Product Name
Your Product Name
Your Product Name
Your Product Name

What If none buys from recommended section?

We will promote your brand across Facebook & Google until people start to buy from recommendation section

Transparent Pricing

If we promote your brand and buyers pay, we take full paid amount, otherwise you take after our commission
We Promote Your brand
We promote your brand with no upfront costs and in return we take paid amount to cover our costs, you gain brand awareness.
All Other Purchases
We charge up to 6%+ 30 cents service fee (international another 1%) and the rest will be your pure profit. This includes Stripe/Processor fees

Apply for Account

Once you get approved, if you need us to advertise you, we will do a call with you via Zoom to discuss your business & how we can help you to grow
Need help? Don't hestiate to contact us directly at [email protected]