Our Story

Founder of Growmify.com, Kamran Parvizad saw the struggles of many businesses to scale. A lot of startup founders either try to hire expensive advertisers that bring low converting customers (sometimes no customers at all) and charge upfront. In another scenario, startups focus on advertising instead of focusing on their product. Kamran decided to fix this situation and built the growmify.com marketplace with a couple of his technical friends to connect e-commerce stores and let them help each other with their customer base. We believe that the success of the company shouldn't be dependent on the founder's ability to sell and hire advertising agencies, it should solely depend on the product or services that are offered. That's why Growimfy exists, our purpose is to replace the need for having a non-technical cofounder whose job is bringing customers. We want to see the world where startups, e-commerce stores solely focus on the products & services and no longer worry about how to grow their brand, or advertise it.